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Harold S. Nelson

The law office now known as Einhaus, Mattison, Carver & Haberman, p.a. is located in the Parrott & Smith Building and was founded in 1911 by Harold S. Nelson.  Harold was born in 1890 and practiced at the firm until his death in 1972.  He was a graduate of the Pillsbury Military Academy in Owatonna and was very proud of his military heritage.  He served with the Minnesota Guard on the Texas-Mexican Border in both World Wars.  Harold attained the rank of Brigadier General in the Army Reserve and is buried at the Fort Snelling National Military Cemetery.  Harold graduated from the University of Minnesota in June, 1911 and ranked number one in his class. Upon graduation, Harold opened the law office in Owatonna.  A newspaper article described him as "a young man of the soundest principles, ambitious and deeply interested in his profession, and has countless friends in this vicinity."  

Harold S. Nelson
Firm Founder (1890-1972)
Soren R. Nelson

Four years later, in 1915, Harold was joined in practice by his father, Soren R. Nelson, who had emigrated from Denmark as a teenager and who became a prominent and successful businessman in Owatonna.  Known locally as S. R. Nelson, he served as Owatonna's mayor from 1912 to 1914.  Soren had actually wanted his son to enter business with him, but Harold declined to do so, at least until he was established as an attorney.  Not to be outdone, Soren then studied law in his son's office and, in 1915, at age 60, passed the bar exam. Another newspaper article states:  "Twenty candidates took the state bar examination.  Seven passed.  Mr. Nelson, the oldest of the lot, was at the top.  All of the others were university or law college men.  Mr. Nelson was educated in the common schools of Denmark."   (Soren did not attend law school and his formal education was limited to the "common" or non-college prep schools of Denmark.)  Then arose the question of naming the new firm.  Harold wanted to call it "Harold S. Nelson and Father," but Soren had already printed business cards saying "Nelson and Son, Attorneys and Counselors at Law."  That settled the matter and Harold conceded the name to his father. 
  Soren R. Nelson
Soren R. Nelson (1855-1931)
Otto J. Nelson

In 1921, father and son were joined by Harold's younger brother, Otto J. Nelson
.  Otto also served on the Mexican Border and, like Harold, was an Army officer in the First World War.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1921 and joined the firm, which became Nelson and Sons.  In 1931, when Soren died, the firm was known simply as Nelson & Nelson.
  Otto J. Nelson
Otto J. Nelson (1894-1947)
Byron J. Casey

In 1946, after serving his country as a pilot in World War II, Byron J. Casey joined the firm as Otto's replacement. 
  Byron J. Casey
Byron J. Casey (1915-2001)
Wallace M. Tripp

Three years later, in 1949, Wallace M. Tripp joined the practice.  A charter member of the Greatest Generation, Wallace “Wally” was born in Ruthven, Iowa, to Chester Arthur and Ina (Rinehart) Tripp. He graduated from Spencer High School in Spencer, Iowa, and obtained a B.A. degree from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa in 1942. After college, he was employed by the F.B.I. in Washington D.C., and then enlisted in the U.S. Army where he obtained the rank of Master Sergeant, Criminal Investigation Division, during the European theatre of war from 1943-1946. Wally married his college sweetheart, Dorothy “Dot” Parrott, on March 12, 1946, in Owatonna, Minn. He obtained his Juris Doctor Law degree from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1949, and returned to Owatonna to live and practice law at the firm  for 40 years.
  Wallace M. Tripp
Wallace M. Tripp (1920-2012)
George E. Dow, Jr.

After graduating from Yale in 1954, George E. Dow, Jr. served as an officer in the Marine Corps from 1954 to 1957. He then received his law degree from the University of Minnesota in 1960 and began private practice with the firm in the fall.  When George arrived, the firm was located on the second floor of the First National Bank building on West Park Square.  A year later, in 1961, the offices were relocated to their current location in the Parrott Building at 202 North Cedar Avenue in downtown Owatonna.  The firm name became and remained Nelson, Casey, Tripp & Dow for nearly 25 years as Harold, Byron, Wally and George continued to build the tradition of the firm.  For several years George served as Owatonna's City Attorney.  Over the years George organized, incorporated and served numerous non-profit organizations, including the United Way, Youth Hockey, Habitat for Humanity, the Owatonna School District Foundation and the Steele County Food Shelf.  George is now retired but remains active in the community. He has been very active with Trinity Lutheran Church since 1960 and is currently involved with the Trinity Foundation.  George concluded his distinguished career with the firm with his retirement in 1997. 
  George E. Dow, Jr.
George E. Dow, Jr., Retired
Einhaus, Mattison, Carver & Haberman, p.a.

The firm now consists of David L Einhaus, Eric J. Mattison, Mark R. Carver and Kristin K. Haberman.  David began his practice with the firm in 1979 with Eric joining in 1983.  Mark became a member of the firm in 1997 and Kristin joined in 2010.  An additional integral part of the tradition of the firm has been the dedicated service of quality staff over the years.  In addition to over 100 years of continuous legal service, the  firm has over the years participated in and supported the community of Owatonna by the commitment of time and talent of its members to various boards, committees, commissions and other groups and efforts to enhance the quality of living in Owatonna.
Einhaus, Mattison, Carver & Haberman, P.A.

First dollar from September 7, 1911


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